Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mexican American War Character: President James K. Polk

     I won the presidency by a close vote in 1844 and now I am president of the United States of America. I am president of the United States of America. I am a Democrat, and a believer in "Manifest Destiny." It is God's plan that the United States should spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In 1846, I ordered U.S. troops into an area that was claimed by both Texas and Mexico, historically occupied by Mexicans. I knew that it was a provocation. As I confided to my Secretary of the Navy: I want California to be part of the United Stares. It's part of Mexico and the only way to get it away from them is war. As I'd expected, the Mexicans attacked and I convinced Congress to declare war against Mexico. Some of my opponents say that I want this war only because I own slaves and this is a war to extend slavery to Mexico. Nonsense. There is much more at stake than slavery. This is about defending America's honor and our national interest.
     James Knox Polk rose to presidency by being a dark horse candidate ans promising the annexation of Texas. Through the guidance of Polk the U.S. won the Mexican American war and gained most of the Southwest territory. After the Texas annexation, Polk sought the San Francisco Bay area which would allow access to trade with Asia. He sent a diplomat to Mexico in order to purchase the land but they were rather enraged becauae of the Texas annexation. Polk sent soldiers to rivers which enabled them to habe control of their trade inorder to put pressure; eleven soldiers died. Polk called it a reason to go to war and Congress agreed. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo legalized land aquisition and the it was half of Mexico.
     What led to the election of Polk's pesidency was his envisionary mind with the thought of expansion. Polk was unlike other candidates who believed America would crumble if it had control over a vast territory. Unlike his pedeccesdors he encouraged the idea of Manifest destiny and helped the country grow substantially. Supporting the annexation of Texas led to his win by stating Texas is already part of American only paperwork has to be signed. He also gave hints of having the Oregon territory, California, and New Mexico.

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