Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Journey through Slavery prt 4 - Judgement Day

From the first revolution 13 states now expanded to 24; with slaves dragged around to new states.
Pierce Butler came from a family who gained wealth from slaves owned. His grandfather helped write fugitive slave act. The reality was 75% of southern whites did not own slaves. Jackson a slave owner and 6 president before him were also slave owners. The supreme court was dominated by people who were pro-slavery. Most of the world's cotton was grown in South which gave them power. They were financed by the north, exported by north, and insured by the north. Northerners also depended on slavery. African enslavement is part of white America and to America progress meant westward expansion causing Indian removal.
Slave masters had power and law on their side, slaves were investment if gone they go bankrupt.
Slaves were captured by professionals and police. Harriet Jacobs was 21 years old when she decided to runaway. She was concealed in a small room for 7 years. Her 2 children were a result after being assaulted by her master. Black population: 182 thousands in south and 132 thousands in north are free blacks. Free blacks had a personal connection to slavery enslaved or not. David Walker launched a private war against slave holders in 1829. Walker stated black people Americans are citizens. He utilized the rhetoric of the nation of liberty and threw it into the face of whites. In the South prohibited teaching slaves to read or write. It also limited the rights of freedom of press and speech due to the abolitionist movement.Walker died mysterious. Nat Turner bloody rebellion was blamed on William Lloyd Garrison newspaper, The Liberator. Garrison believed through persuasion Southerners would see the immorality of slavery. He became the voice of the abolitionist crusade and preached in open fields. Abolitionist did not know how deeply rooted slavery was in a socioeconomic and political structure, it was a slavocracy. White Americans knew slavery was wrong but abolishing it would bring more trouble, it would lead to civil war. Women and black abolitionist were sent to the platform and it was a threat what many white northerners knew. The Jacksonian era is known as the era of the common man as long as he is a white man. New legislations inserts word white in order to vote. Racial supremacy-right to gain job blacks were excluded from. In 1838, Pierce Butler inherited slaves and land his wife Fanny Kemble was an international acclaim and famed actress; she was an abolitionist. In 1838, Kemble saw the source of their wealth and  hoped to persuade Pierce to emancipate slaves gradually. Charles Ball witnessed a women lashed and the Planter's daughters also watch. The impact children raised by blacks surrogate mother become property. Kemble kept asking for petitions to Pierce. Jacobs was smuggled by her family to Philadelphia by river in 1842. She escaped from slavery and was suppose to be safe but she needed practical things in north. Blacks in the North founded mutual relief association in the segregated community. In 1840 antislavery society petitions to congress against slavery and boycotted goods. Slave narratives were an agreement against America and to challenge their owner.
Slavery was a part of rape and murder but blacks provided a different reading of the constitution and to America, an asylum of liberty. The Founding Fathers did not believe in liberty for slaves just white entitlement. In 1848, gold was discovered in California and later on became a free state in exchange for the fugitive slave act. It was the first time the issue of slavery comes to the North territory. Anthony Burns was convicted for being a fugitive slave after newspaper acclaimed it was Virginia kidnappers. Henry David Thoreau on July 4  a covenant with death he burned the constitution and fugitive slave act. In 1854 Kansas Nebraska act voted for popular sovereignty and then the west was open to slavery. The free soil movement was free soil for white men; for a white men country consisting of purely whites in west. During 1857 the presidency of James Buchanan the Dred Scott case decided no black person can be a citizen. During the Panic of 1857,  Butler was in debt and already divorced Kemble.

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